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Car and Light Truck Training

This is perfect for new and existing learners to gain a more in depth knowledge on what our product is, what it does on the vehicle, why it is there, how it affects performance and what the failure modes can be. A certified learner will have an extensive knowledge of the systems, features, benefits in order to better understand the products fit as a solution. There are 6 Certificates to be earned in this catalog. This catalog is also great as a quick reference to refresh your knowledge of the material.

Heavy Duty Applications Training

This catalog is perfect for Class A Truck transit bus and fleet market applications. The information here is perfect for new hires, customers and returning experts to better understand the products that are associated with this particular market, as well as, understanding best practices with these particular applications. There are 2 Certifications available to earn. You should consider this an excellent resource for quick reference.

Just-In-Time Video Training

This catalog is perfect for new and existing hires. It contains short 10 to 15 min. videos based training that are perfect as an introduction, reminder or refresher of the most recent information. If you are looking for instructional videos about coolant, belts or fuel hoses this is your go to resource. Access the videos as often as you like or answer the questions to earn up to 5 Certificates in this section.

No courses available.