Car and Light Truck Training

This is perfect for new and existing learners to gain a more in depth knowledge on what our product is, what it does on the vehicle, why it is there, how it affects performance and what the failure modes can be. A certified learner will have an extensive knowledge of the systems, features, benefits in order to better understand the products fit as a solution. There are 6 Certificates to be earned in this catalog. This catalog is also great as a quick reference to refresh your knowledge of the material.

No Catalogs available.

Course Auto Aftermarket Belts (PCB01.00)

This interactive lesson will help you become an expert on automotive belts. You will learn the different types of belts, their applications for both car and light trucks, failure modes along...

Course Auto Aftermarket Tensioners (PCT02.00)

This course is perfect for increasing your knowledge on the purpose of an automatic tensioner. How lack of proper tension can impact the accessory belt drive system as a whole. And, how the...

Course Auto Aftermarket Timing Belts (PCM03.00)

This course is perfect for the individual looking to increase their knowledge about timing belts or timing belt kits. Being system smart is specifically important if the engine is an interference...

Course Gates Alternator Decoupler Pulley (PCD04.00)

This lesson contains everything that you need to know about Decoupler Pulleys. Once you've completed this course you'll understand the important evolution of the pulleys. The learner will...

Course Gates Water Pumps - Avoiding Combacks

Gates Water Pumps - Avoiding Combacks

Course How Continuous Variable Transmissions Work

How Continuous Variable Transmissions Work